WiE Webinar: On Securing Elections

Dr. Poorvi Vora discusses challenges and research on securing elections
Wed, 10 February, 2021 5:00pm
WiE Webinar: On Securing Elections with Dr. Poorvi Vora

WiE held a timely discussion with Dr. Poorvi Vora on securing elections. After summarizing security challenges to elections in the U.S., GW's Dr. Vora described her deployed research on securing elections. 

She focused on the most recent work on statistical election tabulation audits, the Minerva audit. The work is collaborative research conducted with a number of others, including GW undergraduates and doctoral students. 

The webinar was held Wednesday, February 10, 2021.


About Dr. Poorvi Vora

Dr. Poorvi L. Vora is Professor of Computer Science at The George Washington University. She serves on the Coordinating Committee of the Election Verification Network and on the Board of Directors of Verified Voting, both prominent and non-partisan organizations focused on election integrity. She currently works on risk-limiting audits for elections. Previously, she has worked on end-to-end independently verifiable (E2E) voting systems, which enable voters and observers to audit election outcomes without requiring them to rely on the trustworthiness of election technology or unobserved election processes.

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