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The Center for Women in Engineering issues a monthly newsletter, which includes an introduction and overview from the Center's Director, Dr. Shelly Heller. Featured each month are events and initiatives developed by WiE, along with news about achievements by women engineers. Each newsletter ends with Dr. Heller's "What We Are Reading" - books, articles, reports that we hope will inspire you as well. 

Below the current edition, you will find links to past editions.

WiE Newsletter - Current Edition (February 2024)

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May 2023 Newsletter

June 1, 2023

SEAS Research Day is a rite of spring, and this year is no exception. More than 250 students participated this year from all six of our departments.

April 2023 Newsletter

May 1, 2023

Dr. Vesna incoming BME Department Chair

March 2023 Newsletter

March 28, 2023

Spring brings the energy for added efforts and a reflection of our accomplishments as we celebrate Women's History Month.

February 2023 Newsletter

February 28, 2023

Welcome, engineers, your week is almost here! National Engineers Week was founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

January 2023 Newsletter

January 30, 2023

Welcome to 2023. I hope your holidays were joyful, safe and healthy (and no one was in the southwest airline chaos)

December 2022 Newsletter

December 30, 2022

Each phase of the academic year brings its own excitement. As we return from our Thanksgiving holidays, finals loom on the horizon. And, to steal and rephrase a line from cereal commercials, “finals are not just for kids.”

November 2022 Newsletter

November 30, 2022

In case you don’t have your academic calendar memorized or within easy reach – midterms are here and registration for next semester is about to get underway.

October 2022 Newsletter

October 30, 2022

It’s familiar and new at the same time to be back in the academic rhythm. Our year started off with the familiar, annual ( interrupted by Covid) new graduate students reception but with new timing (a tea) and programming connecting the new students with Dean Lach, Associate Dean Riffat and the department chairs.

September 2022 Newsletter

September 30, 2022

Keep reading to hear about all of the new and exciting things WiE has planned for the fall semester.

May 2022 Newsletter

May 30, 2022

What We Are Reading: Hiring recruiter sparks outrage after revealing she offered a candidate $45,000 less than the job salary. I am a member of the systers listserv and there has been a very interesting discussion addressing the question “What would you do if a (woman) job applicant asked for too little money?”

April 2022 Newsletter

April 30, 2022

We have been celebrating WiE’s 3rd anniversary and I wanted to wait a bit so I could include the most recent news. The news is our celebrations reached many audiences and were consistent with our mission of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. ‘WiE’ seek to empower GW faculty, staff, students and alumni to become the best engineers they can be. ‘WiE’ works to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills, and fully leverage technology in support of academic and professional excellence.

March 2022 Newsletter

March 30, 2022

We hosted our “Meet Our Faculty” webinar on February 3 with a very interesting and timely presentation by Professor Leila Farhadi. Professor Farhadi took us through her work on how data is gathered on water and energy cycles and how these relate to climate and climate change. The challenge – her challenge – is to create models that reflect the impacts shown by the data. If you missed it and want to learn more you can watch the recording here. We are happy to have it posted on our website for those of you who missed her presentation.