Our Research Journeys

Join engineering students as they discuss their research experience
Wed, 13 October, 2021 4:00pm
Our Research Journeys. A student webinar. October 13 at 12pm

Thinking of getting involved in research but not sure how – or even why? Watch the video of this webinar in which we learned from GW engineering students about their research experience, how it has impacted them, and how they see themselves growing as students, as researchers, and as practitioners in their chosen fields. 

The benefits of engaging in research as a student are many, including:

  • Gaining critical thinking skills 
  • Focusing on academic, career and personal interests
  • Expanding knowledge beyond the classroom
  • Highlighting strengths for future job interviews
  • Developing important relationships with faculty

Moderated by: Bengisu Sisik

  • Rachel Gray, PhD Student, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Elena Korkes, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science
  • Chandraman Patil, Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Taly Walsh
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