Dr. Anne-Laure Papa, "The platelet-circulating tumor cell interplay in cancer metastasis."

SEAS Meet Our Faculty Series
Wed, 1 March, 2023 12:00pm - 1:00pm
WiE SEAS Faculty Series Presents: Dr. Anne-Laure Papa

Join the SEAS Center for Women in Engineering for the March installment of our "Meet Our Faculty" series. Dr. Papa will discuss her research "The platelet-circulating tumor cell interplay in cancer metastasiss." Professor Papa has developed an expertise in engineering novel therapeutic platforms at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine.  She focuses her work on disease processes, particularly in cancer and vascular diseases, toward the goal of designing targeted translational therapies and new diagnostic methods. Her lab is geared to using this knowledge to identify both therapy-related and disease-related factors that can be used in a synergistic way to maximize the potential of these novel approaches. 

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Open to everyone.

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